A hi-air flow vacuum lift system, like the UniMove, is the fastest and most effective way to lift and move boxes unless you have the volume to justify an auto-palletizer. The hi-air flow system easily compensates for the porosity encountered, and is the safest method available. Lifting with lo-air flow, hi vacuum systems, as with compressed air and a venturi convertor, does not have sufficient air flow to safely deal with porous loads and is not recommended.
There are a wide variety of rectangular, oval and round suction feet available to fit cases as small as 7" x 7", and as large as needed.
6-10 moves/min. are typical in palletizing operations with this system.

 A critical factor in the success of lifting a carton safely is the ability of the corrugated board to support its own weight. The Gross Weight Limit (GWL) rating of the case, usually found on the star label on one flap, indicates the intended weight capacity for that case. If the contents are equal to, or lower than that weight, then the lift is usually simple. If the content weight exceeds the GWL then the flaps will usually not properly support the load under the lifting pads. The Burst Strength rating on the label is usually 3X the Gross Weight Limit and is NOT an indication of what the case will support when lifted.

Lift Tables allow the worker to slide and transfer boxes at a single height, but can ultimately require the operator to bear some of the weight during transfer.

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